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About Us

" creating value by fusing a metallic additive manufacturing expertise into your products "

Step #1 :
Mastering The Processes


by working with a team that have :

  • Demonstraded Knowledge and certified processes,

  • A Workplace with qualified Machines,

  • academic, industrial and institutional partners,

  • And Over 20 R&D Projects.


by carrying our clients and Train them to this new manufacturing process,

by carrying your development and take into account additive specificities,

and by creating winning subjects.

Step #2 :
Creating Products


by using internal resources (Machine SHop : Esteve - France /  HRT - Canada),

by creating A Partnership with Suppliers adapted to the Client's expectations,

and by guaranteeing the assistance of pertinent and qualified actors at every production step.

Step #3 :

Production Means

Picture #1 : EOS M280

Available Materials

Aluminum :
AlSi7Mg06, AlSi10Mg

Titanium :



Nickel :

IN 625, IN718, Hastelloy X

Stainless Steel :
15-5PH, 17-4PH, 316

Steel :
Maraging Steel


Picture #2 : EOS M290

Working Volume

250 x 250 x 325mm
(10'' x 10'' x 12.7'')

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